Offers In Compromise

In 2012, Congress passed the Fresh Start Law which allows taxpayers to settle with 24 months of reasonable monthly payments. 

It is now all about how much you can pay over 24 months, not how much you owe. A million dollar debt would be settled with the same 24 payment amounts as a ten thousand dollar debt. 

We are on the cutting edge of the Fresh Start Law and always settle for the minimum amount allowed by law. 

Important, we can settle past due Payroll Taxes with an Offer in Compromise. 

On the right, have listed a few of the recent Offers that we have negotiated.


We continue to monitor and negotiate until the tax balance is behind you.

Offer in Compromise FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers
  • During the real estate market crash of 2008 – 2009, many taxpayers were upside down on their mortgages and lost their homes and real estate investments. After losing their real estate, taxpayers were faced with additional taxable income from forgiveness of debt, resulting from the foreclosure.             
  • Consequently, Congress passed a “Fresh Start” law to help taxpayers get back on their feet. This new law made it easier to settle while minimizing the amount of cash required for settlement.
  • Congress passed laws that required the IRS to settle past due taxes. No longer are Tax Settlements (Offers in Compromise) handled at your local office; they are centralized with revenue officers who concentrate on settling taxes, so taxpayers can recover financially.
  • We have proprietary software that incorporates the OIC formulas. This means that you pay the least amount allowed by law.

(We have actually settled cases for less than 1% of the total amount due)

  • We are passionate about solving your past due tax problems.
  • The payments will be over 24 months based on ability to pay. It is not the amount of tax you owe, but rather the amount you can pay that determines the amount of settlement!
  • No more collection notices, garnishment of wages, IRS agents at the door, or phone calls about past due taxes – starting immediately and in the future. Peace of Mind!
  • No interest on the (2) year payment plan. Much reduced balance to pay.
  • Liens are removed after the payout which can take less than a year. Your credit score will soar.

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