IRS Payment Plan

A payment plan will provide a window of opportunity for you to get back on your feet. In other words, you will have one less problem to deal with if you have a negotiated IRS payment plan while you are experiencing more pressing financial issues.

Payment Plans are negotiated based on your ability to pay. We have actually negotiated payments of 25 dollars per month. Other times we have been successful in negotiating a “Non-Payment” plan. Quite frankly, we have proved to the IRS that a client could not make a payment and, as a result, no payment was required in the short term.

The IRS likes to get FULL payment in 4 years but that is just a guideline. In all cases we have to document the agreement with the IRS so that they hold up on their end. Sometimes the statute for collection expires so that the debt goes away completely. Brock Tax Settlements know the law as well as the angles when dealing with the IRS payment plans.

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